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Santa Clarita Income Tax Preparation


MYBL's tax preparation targets the maximum tax savings and the highest level of protection from IRS.  At MYBL, tax preparation is not a headache any more. See this review from one of our clients regarding our tax preparation service

Awesome!  Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Alex - Jul 27, 2010 (from google locals search...)
.....I have used MYBL's excellent tax preparation services for the last several years for my personal, as well as my small business tax needs & I could not be more pleased. Sam Cho, MYBL's CPA, saved me $10,000 in taxes the first time I used him, just by taking the time to give me the service usually reserved for "bigger" clients by some firms. Needless to say, I have been with him ever since. He does an outstanding job, very professional & could not be a nicer man. I deeply appreciate him as my accountant & as a person. Strong work. I highly recommend his services...... Alex in Agua Dulcet  

Individual Income Tax Preparation & Tax Planning:
After your tax meeting with MYBL, you won't be clueless any more. You will sleep better. We believe that the way you manage your income for tax purposes may have a significant impact, not only on your annual tax liability, but also on your ability to meet your long-term financial objectives. With MYBL, you receive personalized attention and advice from qualified tax professionals  and you benefit from the time-tested, cost-efficient procedures. Our proven and creative approach for tax preparation helps you formulate and implement a better tax plan designed to achieve your overall financial objectives.
Buisness Income Tax Preparation & Tax Planning:
Tax law has grown so complex, scarcely any company doing business today has all the answers. A cookie-cutter approach to taxes doesn't work. Just like your business strategy, your tax strategy is unique. At MYBL, we know that. We focus on meeting the tax needs of companies on the move - like yours. The spirit that drives your company drives us, too. Business owners and executives throughout the country depend on the advice and direction of our tax preparation consultants. Our tax preparation professionals draw on experience to manage your federal and state tax obligations. And we stay connected. Frequent contact with you keeps your business operations and transactions structured with an advantageous tax approach. The tax preparation for your S corporation, C corporation, partnership, limited partnership, or LLCs becomes easy due to our experienced tax prepartaion staffs.

Estate & Gift Tax Preparation & Tax Planning:
 Safeguarding your estate is one of the most important things you can do. Smart estate and gift planning minimizes estate and income taxes for your heirs, provides a secure financial future for you, helps ensure future generations benefit in the manner you desire and can protect your assets from liability claims. MYBL estate and gift planning professionals work closely with you and your trusted advisors - such as your attorney or trust officer - to help you achieve these objectives.  Tax preparation for estate and gift tax purposes won't be a thing that wakes you up at midnight because our tax preparation staffs are excellent in tax preparation and tax planning business.

Non Profit Organization Tax Preparation:
Tax preparationfor not-for-profit business entities are challenging because IRS has paid closer look at those tax-exempt organizations. There are a lot of subjects that your tax return preparer should understand and plan better. At MYBL, our specialties shall keep your crucial expensive entities alive and up-to-date with current laws and regulations. In addition, we are willing to give an excellent competitive fee structrues for your good deed to communities. 

Payroll Tax Return Preparation

Sales Tax Return Preparation

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